SRI Management | White House Call & Clarifications
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White House Call & Clarifications

White House Call & Clarifications
SRI Management recently attended a call with the White House for an update on COVID-19. Vice President Pence joined the call explicitly to express his appreciation for the great work and sacrifice from America’s state, local, and tribal leaders and also asked call attendees to share the entire administration’s appreciation for our nation’s first responders and healthcare workers.


One of the biggest contributing factors to the success in keeping the COVID-19 cases to a minimum is the dedication and focus on our communities’ universal precautions and the way they conduct personal business outside of work hours. With our continued progress through the phased openings by states, please know we will not let our guard down. Our communities are still serving the most vulnerable population and the virus is still not contained, but our staff remains vigilant.


Where we might see the states where we currently have open communities (GA/FL) split in operations, they stay united as to the shelter in place and no visitations for our communities’ residents. These state-implemented requirements will go on at least through the end of June, and we will get an update at the end of the month if this will be extended.


Some Testing Clarifications
Our communities have been asked about testing and what communities are now doing. Along those lines, questions about hospitals have come up as well.

  • FL – Routine testing of all staff members has been made mandatory by the State of Florida. The clarification to what routine means is the State is requiring the testing of staff members every two weeks. Of course, all new hires will be tested prior to starting work.
  • GA – Routine testing of all staff members has not been made mandatory by the state, however, SRI’s new policy for you will be to test all employees monthly. New hires will be tested prior to starting work.
  • Hospitals – When being discharged to a community, residents must be tested regardless of symptoms. If they had COVID-19, two tests taken 24 hours apart must have negative results before they can return. If they were in the hospital for non-COVID related issues and they had never tested positive, upon discharge from the hospital they must be tested, but the hospital does not have to have results back before they return to a community. Each community then quarantines residents upon return.