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Webinar Featuring Teepa Snow is Open to Everyone

You may be concerned about early-onset dementia or know someone who experiencing it now. Studies show moving those needing memory care into communities catering to Alzheimer’s and dementia have better outcomes for a resident’s wellbeing. To gain some perspective when it’s time to move a loved one into a Memory Care community, we are proud to welcome back Teepa Snow as the speaker for our September 15, 2021, webinar.


Fill out the form to reserve your spot to listen to one of the world’s foremost dementia thought leaders – for free – as she delves into the topic of How Do I Know When it’s Time? Considerations for Moving a Loved One to a Memory Care Community.


The event is September 15, 2021, at 11 AM EST. Prior to the event, you will receive a link giving you access to the webinar.


Teepa Snow is a leading trainer and consultant providing support and care that places the person living with dementia in a pivotal role when determining what is needed. Her goal is to help communities, agencies, organizations, professionals, families, and individuals develop the awareness, knowledge, and skills needed to better support and care for someone living with the brain changes of dementia.


She is the owner and CEO of Positive Approach, LLC with over 40 employees or independent contractors across the US and Canada. Her approach to dementia care and training is changing how many view neurodegenerative conditions and dementias, and how care is delivered throughout the US, Canada, Wales, and across the UK and Europe.


Registration is open to anyone who is interested or concerned about dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.


To join the webinar, visit https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_hmSZyRTdQaO3vXiJZ4-0FA