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Dave Cone

My role as the Vice President of Communications is to oversee all senior housing communications, messaging and branding activity.

With 18 years of experience in communications mixed with technology, data strategy and team management, I bring a unique perspective to the VP of Communications role at SRI Management.

Prior to SRI, I served as the Florida Department of Management Services’ Data Analytics Officer. In that role I used data to help the agency make better organizational decisions, simplify processes and spearheaded their 2019 rebranding effort.

Prior to my role at DMS, I served as the Director of Marketing for the Florida Institute of CPAs, managing communications and marketing projects. It was my charge to help bridge the gap between the worlds of communication and technology through strategic planning by way of data analytics while capitalizing on member data.

I hold a Bachelor of Science in Journalism and Master of Arts in Mass Communication from the University of Florida.