SRI Management CEO & Team Cooking Up Something in Valdosta - SRI Management
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SRI Management CEO & Team Cooking Up Something in Valdosta

There’s an open secret at SRI Management: CEO Don Bishop likes to smoke, but it’s not what it sounds like since this smoking habit is of the barbecue variety.


Don’s idea of a good time is to hitch a half-ton smoker to his truck, drive miles upon miles, fire up said smoker, cook for hours and feed the masses low and slow barbecue. And he does this on a regular basis all around SRI Management’s portfolio of communities.


On a warm August day in Valdosta, Georgia, team members at The Canopy at Azalea Grove were treated to one of these smoking sessions, and everyone in a half-mile radius knew he was there. The unmistakable barbecue smell lifting into the air clouded the area just off North Oak Street Extension.


Sure, Don likes to cook, but there’s more to it than simply cooking. Building a healthy culture is a priority for SRI Management, and building relationships is the start of a great work culture.


“I think cooking is one way to show others we’re all in this together,” Don said while wearing his trusty black apron that still appears crisp and tidy although it’s been worn countless times. “We’re one team and to take some time to serve others builds bridges to a better team. While I’m here, I love to talk and mingle with everyone and get to know them better.”


Not only was Don serving others, but an entire SRI Management crew was also on-hand helping serve barbecue to the team at The Canopy at Azalea Grove. Chief Operations Officer Shelley Kaiser, Executive Vice President Todd Filippone, Corporate Director of Marketing Austin Bishop, and Marketing Specialist Eli Dorman helped ensure this lunch event was a success.


“Don doesn’t make anyone come and help during these types of things. We do it because we like to do it,” Todd Filippone said. “The SRI people here today drove from all over just to help out because that’s the type of people who work at SRI Management and in our communities. Our people are helpers, and it shows.”


As the smoked cleared, stomachs were filled, and a good mid-day time was had. Although Don maybe had the best time.


“To see the community team come together, laugh, and have a good time is what it’s all about,” Don said while smiling. “The people in our communities work hard and an event like this is the least we can do to show we care.”