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One of the healthiest things you can do!

Activity provides many health benefits, and seniors gain a lot by staying physically and socially active. Our scheduled programming and regular activities are as fun as it is helpful in maintaining physical conditioning and overall health, improving appetite and inspiring new friendships.


What is there to do today? How about tomorrow? These are important questions. After all, meaningful activity can help alleviate depression, improve mobility and help overall health. Engaging activities are even better as they offer cognitive and social stimulation, helping to vent frustration, and lessening feelings of loss and loneliness. We believe in an activity calendar that is filled with options that are more creative than just “bingo and birthdays”.


  • DAILY Happy Hour, Group Outings, Workshops, Health Seminars
  • Music Therapy, Pet Therapy, Art and Card Clubs, Popcorn ‘n Movies
  • Fitness Classes, Yoga, Stretching Classes, Walking Clubs
  • Wii Sports, Swimming, Putting, Yard Games, Bocce
  • Live Entertainment, Hobbies


Activities programs vary from community-to-community. Our Activity Directors will be delighted to discuss the available options and frequency of activities, and provide you with a copy of a current Activity Calendar. They can highlight what activities are available specifically for men, for women and for social groups. We know it’s important, and will make time to help you feel comfortable with our community.


Social activities promote mental acuity and help prevent the onset of dementia. Socially active seniors tend to be more physically active, eat more and make better food choices.


Happy Hour is a social event that occurs each day in our communities. It’s a time to get together, share life experiences, look for commonalities—it’s a time for bonding. Living here doesn’t mean giving up a pastime many adults enjoy.