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SRI Management has been focused on the needs and the “wants” in senior living for more than two decades. During that time, we have not only come to recognize the services and attributes that drive demand and satisfaction levels, we have prioritized them and made them pillars of what we believe and stand for.

Nutrition, physical and social activity, and individualized care programs are known to add value and quality-of-life to elderly lives. The senior housing industry views these aspects in a functional capacity, providing them as “check boxes” in a list of needs in communities. SRI’s consumer research, however, has revealed these categories as areas of primary importance and opportunities for differentiation in the process of selecting a retirement lifestyle.

Seniors adamantly state that dining, not eating, is a social experience that they miss. We created Artful Dining® to address that #1 want, and as a way to differentiate the offering in an SRI-managed community. This same insight and process is what drove us to develop proprietary Zestful Activities® and Heartful Care® signature programming.


Our dining experience is second to none. Associates take great pride in serving happiness, not just food. Chefs demand that meals are as easy to the eyes as to the palate. All SRI-managed communities believe…

ZESTFUL Activities

We know that constant activity provides an abundance of health benefits, and that seniors gain a lot by staying physically and socially active. Scheduled programming and energetic activities are as fun as…


SRI-managed communities feature enthusiastic associates standing ready to welcome residents as they transition into their new home. Communities offer wellness programs, individualized…