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Commitment Runs In Seagrass Village of Panama City Beach

It’s 5:15 in the morning, and the sound of running shoes slapping a cement sidewalk and controlled breathing fills the air. Four miles later, the run is done.


Randy Patton

Randy Patton

This is how Randy Patton starts his mornings six days a week. It’s one foot in front of the other for miles. Twenty fours miles a week to be exact.


“It’s called commitment and running in the morning allows me to think about the day ahead,” Randy says peering through his glasses. “I can really ponder what I have going on and clear my head.”


Randy is the Activities Director at Seagrass Village of Panama City Beach, where he’s the master of all things fun. From setting up social hours to church services, Randy is the go-to person when the community’s Independent Living crowd wants to have some excitement.


“Who can say they entertain for hours on end?” Randy says smiling. “I sure can. It’s like a party every day.”


Originally from Tennessee with a stop in Michigan, Randy is a product of the upbringing by his grandparents and sees serving those in senior housing for 30 years as an extension of his past. He’s always seemingly been around older people.


“What I do today and have been doing all these years is just, well, natural. I’ve been around older people my entire life and helping them enhance their lives is the reason for my life and ultimately my career.”


When asked if he’s committed to being the best Activities Director around, without hesitation Randy says yes. Yet it’s not about the actual activities, social hours or events.


“I love my job and what I do, but it’s the relationships formed here that really matter to me. The residents here are my family and I feel like I’m a part of theirs.”


So, is Randy Patton the committed runner just as committed to the residents in his community? Sounds like it.


And just like that, he’ll be back at it again at 5:15 tomorrow morning.


He’ll have four miles to plan the best experiences for those lucky enough to live in Seagrass Village of Panama City Beach.


Community Information

Seagrass Village of Panama City Beach
201 Seagrass Drive
Panama City Beach, FL 32407


Main Number: (850) 249-2004
Employment: (844) 339-1980
Sales Office: (850) 809-6745