SRI Management | Wade Goodman
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Wade Goodman

As Vice President of Marketing I have the opportunity to oversee all marketing efforts for the SRI Management portfolio. I believe marketing is about guiding people to a solution that meets real needs. The challenge, of course, is to truly understand the need.


After spending more than 20 years in the software industry focusing on development, programming, support, and sales, I realized the importance of understanding and meeting customer needs. This drove me into a passion to connect with people as a trusted guide for their journey. Marketing served as the perfect vehicle for this passion.


With a mix of technology, data-driven processes, customer service experience, and a business marketing and psychology degree from Liberty University, I have a unique perspective to help position SRI Management properties as a trusted source for senior living. For me, marketing is simply about building trust.


I want people to experience our services in the most honest way possible. To do that we focus on a strong data-driven approach to marketing – one that provides us a place to learn and understand while remaining flexible and nimble to change as needed. It all comes back to how best to guide people to the solutions, help, and services they need most. This is also essential to staying ahead of the competition while better positioning SRI Management in existing and emerging markets.


VP of Marketing