Shelley Kaiser - SRI Management
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Shelley Kaiser

The operations role requires that I perform somewhat like an orchestra conductor. Monitoring the “score” for potential problems and opportunities, conducting strategies with division teams to offset deficiencies and maximize revenues, and queueing the direction of our corporate sales force to provide tactical support to communities in need. Fundamentally, the operations function is to ensure that our business runs efficiently, effectively, and financially profitable for owners and resident satisfaction.


My entry into senior housing may have been fate. In 1999, I landed a wonderful role as Assistant Executive Director of an independent living community with an attached skilled nursing facility. This proved to be a stimulating challenge, and opened my eyes to a new passion… an affinity for our aging population. By 2002, I was promoted to Executive Director of an assisted living facility, and remained there until joining SRI in 2010. When I was selected to lead the company’s operations role, I was both honored and grateful – – working in an industry that I truly love, and surrounding myself with people who are tremendously capable. That’s my formula for success.


I envision great and rapid changes in our company and communities in the very near future… we already have so much on the drawing board. Imagine iPads in residences, for food delivery orders and communications with service and care associates. Sensory environments designed for experiential enhancement. New activity programming, suited to a healthier and longer-living boomer generation. The future is certainly exciting.


If I were looking for someone to run my community, I would find someone who would run it like they were the owner. I believe that is what we do. We operate with all the pride, attention to detail and true concern of an owner.


Chief Operations Officer