Seth Walker, CPA - SRI Management
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Seth Walker, CPA

As the company’s chief financial officer, my role is the management of the corporate accounting and finance department; ensuring timely and accurate financial reporting to all of our stakeholders, including owners, managers, and banks. I manage the company’s owner and lender relationships and work with our operators to identify and exploit opportunities and spot negative trends before they become issues.


I worked my way through college preparing individual and business tax returns at a local CPA firm, eventually earning a Master’s Degree in Accounting from the University of Florida. After college, I moved to Atlanta and joined Deloitte, conducting audits in the construction, retail, real estate, and software industries. Subsequently, I accepted a role with PwC in the financial due diligence arm of Mergers and Acquisitions, working on deals ranging in size from $40-million to over a billion dollars, primarily in healthcare – including senior housing. It was this valuable experience that eventually led me to my current role at SRI Management.


From a business standpoint, senior housing has a reputation for being old and dated (not ironically…) and many companies are slow to make changes. Forward-thinking organizations like SRI Management are rushing to integrate the digital world, pushing the benefits of technology, information-driven services, and decision-making.


I believe the future of senior housing will be targeting the middle-income market. The current construction boom has primarily focused on high-end and high-cost communities. The impending growth from the aging baby boomer generation will dictate a huge need for quality and economical products, which does not exist in large capacity today.


Chief Financial Officer