Mariah Leverock - SRI Management
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Mariah Leverock

My role at SRI Management is defined as Staff Accountant, but it is comprised of so much more than just number crunching and squinting at large figures. It is my job, and my heart’s work, to serve as the main point of contact for each community’s Business Office and Administration and help them in any way possible. If they are down a Business Office Manager or Executive Director, I step in to lend a hand. My philosophy is, “See a need, fill a need.” I have been with SRI at this point for almost five years. In that time, I have worked in nearly every department.


I began in housekeeping, but soon became a Jill of All Trades by assisting in Nursing and Business Office until ultimately accepting a role as Business Office Manager in 2016. Not long after, I transferred to the Corporate Office where I currently serve as the nexus for over a dozen communities. I came into the industry by divine intervention, really. I was desperate for a better job because of an unsafe home situation. A friend had a parent that worked at one of our communities, and she put in a good word for me with the Maintenance Director. I was interviewed for a Housekeeping position and hired on the spot. Some would call me crazy, barely in my 20s, and choosing a job in a Memory Care building that some would consider unsavory and far beneath me. Occasionally, resident family members would point-blank tell me they felt bad for me for the job I had to do each day. But what those families didn’t have the opportunity to see were the relationships I established with the residents and how they were part of what held me together through some of the hardest months of my life.


I have stayed with the industry ever since, as it has left a tattoo on my heart that I will not soon forget.


Senior Revenue Specialist