LaRayne Dukes - SRI Management
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LaRayne Dukes

I have worked in payroll, human resources, and accounting for over ten years with a background in customer service. After receiving my bachelor’s degree in accounting, I found my passion for payroll.


I have worked with small companies and large corporations including government offices and non-profit organizations, and have experience with processing fully manual payrolls and completely paperless payrolls, as well as working in a variety of different payroll platforms. I am also familiar with processing payrolls across all 50 states and stay up to date on new federal, state, and local payroll laws and tax regulations.


As Payroll Coordinator for SRI Management, I strive to assure all staff is paid correctly and on time. My customer service background has given me the character to provide staff with fast and attentive responses, the compassion to understand the needs of those around me, and the commitment to provide an efficient payroll process.


Payroll Coordinator