SRI Management | Jennifer Oscar, RN
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Jennifer Oscar, RN

As a Divisional Director of Resident Services for SRI Management, I am responsible for the oversight and support of eight communities in our portfolio. I serve as a mentor for DORS in the communities and assist them with navigating the day-to-day challenges of assisted living clinical care as well as provide on-site and virtual training.


Having been an LPN for over twenty years working in general surgery with a specialty in breast cancer and education, I made the decision to return to school to obtain my Registered Nursing degree. While in school I worked part-time at an SRI Management community in my hometown as a floor nurse. I fell in love with assisted living and memory care nursing!


After obtaining my RN degree, I was encouraged by my instructors to work in a hospital for the experience as a new RN. I instead opted to take the position of DORS with that SRI Management community in my hometown. I was able to affect the lives of over a hundred residents a day by working with SRI Management instead of the few hospital patients a day I may have been assigned as a hospital nurse. I was able to move onto the corporate team into my current position the following year.


I don’t regret the decision to forge a career in assisted living for a moment. I have found my family with SRI Management, and I am proud of what I do for our communities and residents.


Divisional Director of Resident Services