Don W. Bishop - SRI Management
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Don W. Bishop

I’m Don Bishop, the owner and an original founder of the company. It is my privilege to lead a great team of individuals that, collectively, strive to exceed the expectations of our owners, residents and guests. One of my goals for our team is to transform the standard in which people view senior housing.


I did not set out to work in this industry. After graduating with a degree in Economics from Florida State University, I went to work for a healthcare consulting firm, monitoring trends in healthcare through market evaluations of economic, demographic and service utilization databases. Ultimately, it was the frustration of seeking an acceptable retirement community for my aunt, that steered my future course toward the creation of better options for our aging population.


Senior housing has changed significantly in the last few decades. An industry that was once perceived as warehouses for the old, is evolving with specialized care, care assistance and residential “living” environments. SRI Management is becoming a leader in this evolution, combining new technologies that improve quality of life, and standards from the world of hospitality, that shift attitudes toward “enhancing your stay” rather than “enduring your life.”


Today, we have the right corporate team to shape a bright future. However, we know we are only as good as the visionary owners we align with, and the caring team members at our communities and properties. It’s important to all of us that we choose wisely.


Chief Executive Officer