SRI Management | Caitlin Mills Hoyt
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Caitlin Mills Hoyt

Serving SRI in the role of Divisional Director of Sales I have the pleasure of one of the most multifaceted sales positions I’ve ever come across. In my 12 years of sales experience and management, I have never been so passionate about whom I serve as well as the company I represent. I’ve spent years in various industries, but always in sales.
From fitness to wireless solutions to furniture, I’ve sold it all. Senior living came into my life after building a family of my own. I needed to support my family. I never imagined I’d gain a larger one in that decision. My role is a bit of a sales unicorn if you will. I have my hand in direct sales, team management, and development. I’d be hard-pressed to say which is my favorite as I feel like getting to do the medley is what keeps me always learning and performing my best! Building relationships with my teams and seeing them improve is equally as wonderful as my own success.


From promise to performance, I want to deliver only my best. You deserve it.


Corporate Director of Sales