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Picture: Gina Mairena Salinas of Heron Club at Prestancia

Making A Difference in Sarasota at Heron Club

More than 20 years ago, Georgina Mairena Salinas – better known as Gina to family and friends – landed in the United States. Specifically, Miami.


Picture: Gina Mairena Salinas of Heron Club at Prestancia

Gina Mairena Salinas

And instead of dipping her toes in the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic would have to do.


All this change was preparing her for a journey in senior housing. The cultural melting pot known as Miami was just the spot to start.


For a few years, Gina worked different jobs and created better opportunities eventually leading her to Sarasota in 2007, and then to Heron Club at Prestancia.


“This place here – Sarasota and Heron Club – this is my place,” Gina says with the big smile residents have come to know. “I love to work here.”


She does whatever needs to be done daily. From changing linens to cleaning spills, Gina is more than her title. Yes, she’s a housekeeper by trade but she does more than simply keep up the house. She’s a person who has invested in Heron Club at Prestancia’s residents.
Gina is all in and others see it.


“Gina is such a committed team member, and her heart is in everything she does” Heron Club at Prestancia’s Executive Director Anna Hallett said. “She is a person who puts everyone else first, and the residents see that every day.”


Gina puts others first at home, too.


She’s a single mother to two daughters – a 21-year-old and a 10-year-old – as well as a grandmother. Caring for others seems natural, instinctive.


“I love my family and helping them to be better,” Gina said. “I will do anything to make sure they are safe, taken care of and feel loved.”


And that love and care shows in Heron Club at Prestancia.


“She’s here a lot and works so hard for the residents and jumps in wherever anything needs to be done,” Hallett said. “Gina will work a full day and ask if Jason, our Director of Culinary, needs help in the kitchen. She’s just that type of person. She’s a helper.”


In senior housing, front-line workers like Gina are the ones residents and families want walking the hallways.


Those on the front lines get things done with compassion, grace, and an understanding there will be good days and not-so-good days. And it’s these folks who have the ability to roll with change because change happens constantly.


Thinking back to those some 20-odd years when Gina first came to the United States, a lot has changed: Jobs, children, and a grandchild to name a few.
Her passion for people hasn’t changed, though.


“I like the work here because it makes me feel good. I make a difference here, and I love the residents here,” Gina said.


And they love you too, Gina.


Community Information

Picture: Heron Club at Prestancia in Sarasota

Heron Club at Prestancia
3749 Sarasota Sq. Blvd.
Sarasota, FL 34238


Main Number: (941) 922-1669
Employment: (844) 339-1980
Sales Office: (941) 698-6785