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Repositioning Revitalizes Superior Residences Brand

One of the toughest challenges a community faces is “new” competition. The expression “New always wins” is far from new itself. Every time a senior housing owner sees a developer come to town, and start construction on a new community, he imagines throngs of residents parading away from his building. It’s a legitimate concern.

SRI Management’s CEO, Don Bishop recently commented: “Our Superior Residences brand is among the longest-running names in the senior housing today. That means that almost everyone is newer than we are. What we cannot afford is for people to think of our communities as [old].” The company elected to approach this situation, not as a problem, but an opportunity… repositioning its product as [new again].

 “Repositioning” is about consumer perception. “It’s not always about the bricks and mortar.” he stated. “The way we deliver care today is not only different from what seniors can receive in other communities, it’s new. It’s up to us to reflect that in meaningful and tactile methods. We want people to [sense] new, different and better… therefore, we need to impact their senses (sight, sound, smell, touch and taste). ”

The Superior Residences repositioning will extend from the street entry to the relationship with residents and their families. Starting with an overhaul of the logo and signage, the brand identity incorporates changes to interior and exterior colors and accents, uniforming, branded scent and sound environments, activity, culinary and communication programming. When completed, each community will feel like the new kid on the block.