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Creating “Experiences” is SRI’s Distinction

While the senior housing industry seems content to define itself by laundry lists of services and amenities, SRI Management has chosen a different path. “Everyone tells consumers that they have good food, good care, nice buildings… but that’s really the price-of-entry today. When all things are equal,” stated Don Bishop, the company’s CEO, “people will choose experiences over stays.”

Similar to the challenges faced by the hotel world, SRI recognized the need to create a separation from competitors. Through target audience research, a nugget of insight emerged. “Respondents told us that the industry touts chefs, food and nutrition, but what they desire is “dining.” Communities talk about activities and busy calendars, but seniors are crying out for social interaction. Even the category of “care” is a missed opportunity. What we heard was a desire to feel “cared for” rather than “taken care of.”

The takeaway from consumer interviews was invaluable. Seniors can live anywhere, but they want living to feel like enjoyable  experiences, not just passing days. SRI’s signature programs were developed around this insight. Artful Dining, Zestful Activities and Heartful Care are key elements of a “Resident-First” culture… a culture that SRI is proud to deliver each day… and one that distinguishes its communities, lifestyle and associates.