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Announcing Our New Partner: Bluestone Physician Services with Telehealth

Bluestone Physician Services provides telehealth and on-site primary care to those in senior living communities and is tailored to patients living with multiple chronic conditions and disabilities. While using a mobile clinic approach, they provide care to patients where they are, and invests in simple, yet effective, technology allowing the entire care team to communicate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Most recently, as COVID-19 cases began to rise, Bluestone expanded their telehealth services to see patients virtually, reducing additional exposure to the most at-riskTelehealth allows Bluestone providers to deliver immediate care for both established patients and those who may not have a primary care provider set up for telehealth visits.  

Bluestone recognizes that patients need an approach to care that is preventative, proactive and includes all members of the care team. They believe a close partnership with community staff, families and other care team members is the best way to deliver customized, quality health care. 

Bluestone offers many services, some of which being: 

  • An in-house Primary Care Physician 
  • Bluestone Bridge – A Communication platform for the community and families 
  • Family involvements with each visit through Bluestone Bridge 
  • Telehealth Urgent Care, where an individual can be seen virtually within 24 hours

We look forward to providing in-person and/or telehealth visits to our residents through Bluestone Physician Services.