SRI Management | Employee Spotlight: The Canopy at Warner Robins Georgia
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The Canopy Is Cooking Up More Than Just Food

If pots hissing and pans clanging is the music from The Canopy at Warner Robins’ kitchen, then William Lyons is the maestro. His hand wields a long, 12-inch stainless-steel knife rather than a conductor’s baton, but make no mistake, William is putting together a classical piece on this morning in middle Georgia.


William Lyons

William Lyons

A true Southern delight of eggs, grits, and all the fixings are being whisked, worked, and plated at a furious pace for the crowd who have chosen to call this Warner Robins community home. Situated just south of Macon, Warner Robins is home to an air force base and a baseball team who won the Little League World Series back in 2007. Since 2012, it’s also been home to William.


Originally from Fort Lauderdale, Warner Robins wasn’t always in the plan for William. Neither was cooking. In fact, he studied electrical engineering at Florida Agriculture & Mechanical University in Tallahassee before finding his culinary love.


“FAMU taught me that electrical engineering has a whole bunch of parts and processes. You take those parts and those processes and make something out of it, “William says. “That’s what I do here, but with food.”


The kitchen is warm with burners, ovens and all the things that make a kitchen what it is. The space is well laid out and William seems proud to have a place like this to make ideas come to life.


“In this kitchen I can make a simple meal or complicated meal. The thing they both have in common is I care about each one the same. Just like the people I’m cooking for,” William says through a facemask that has been a mainstay for months. “Each person is like my customer and I want to make sure they’re happy when they see the food, they taste the food and when then finish the food!”


Now with today’s artfully presented breakfast coming to an end, it’s time to start the process all over again. This time, though, it’s for lunch.


“I love working with my hands. And I love preparing food and have people tell me they enjoy it,” William says while placing a lid on a big stockpot. “It makes me happy to do this because people are counting on me, and I want them to know they’re going to be taken care of.”


And just like that, William shifts his attention to lunch like a music conductor moves onto the next act. Never breaking stride; never complaining, and never missing a beat.


Community Information

The Canopy at Warner Robins
120 Latham Drive
Warner Robins, GA 31088


Main Number: (478) 313-5533
Employment: (844) 339-1980
Sales Office: (478) 220-4523