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ARTFUL Dining®

Prospective residents often tell us that eating has become boring—a chore they avoid when possible. This often results in a reduction of daily meals, supplements versus real food, loss of weight, and a decline in health.


We created ARTFUL Dining® to re-inspire value in one of life’s most important functions—dining.


Our chefs demand that meals be as tasty to the eyes as to the palate — and that’s an art. We believe a restaurant-style atmosphere elevates the morale of patrons and staff in a way that a dining hall can’t. The result is a dining experience unlikely to be found in other senior living communities. It’s part science, part art, and part social interaction. The science is in creating healthy and balanced meals. The art is in preparation and presentation.


And, whether snacking in a cafe or dining in a restaurant, food is more often the common ground over which people get together to socialize. As a result, residents often experience immediate and direct benefits. Better eating leads to better nutrition. The outcome is an improved overall quality of life.

Inviting setting

Delicious food

Good nutrition

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