SRI Management Mission

The original founders sought to create a company that was resident focused, understanding that each of us has had personal experience with a loved one that needed care from others in a setting outside the home. From the company’s inception, we have always strived to view our management from an owner’s perceptive and understanding the value of our local teams in meeting the expectations of our residents, families, and owners.

We believe our residents deserve personalize services and care, but also that residents are unique and that their expectations go beyond just the physical but also should include social, mental and spiritual.

We believe that our local team members are vital to services and experiences that our residents and family members receive. To that end, we are dedicated to provide a workplace culture that encourages individual growth and value.

We seek owners whose vision for property ownership goes beyond a real estate investment but that also values seniors and their needs.

Our company’s philosophy is built on the basic premise to treat others as we would like to be treated or the Golden Rule. We see this as a universal principal that, when followed, makes our relationships and results a more positive experience.

Furthermore, we seek to follow the Company’s 3 Cs in all of our relationships:


We believe character matters. We strive to maintain a high standard of integrity. We strive for excellence and are open and honest in our relationships.


We believe that everyone deserves compassion. We seek to treat others with kindness and respect.


We believe in commitment to residents, team members, and our owners. We go beyond the minimum and strive to exceed expectations.

Mission Driven with Bottom Line Results